In any egg donation arrangement 3 contracts should be executed: Contract between the Egg Donor and Agency (Egg Donor Understanding Agreement), Contract between the Intended Parents and Agency (Agency Agreement), and Contract between the Egg Donor and the Intended Parents (Legal Agreement).

The Egg Donor and Agency contract should be the first to be executed. This contractual agreement between both parties should be endorsed when the Egg Donor decides to be represented by the Agency. The Egg Donor and Agency agreement should state Egg Donor’s responsibilities, risks, and expectations of both parties to one another. These representations should be clearly delineated in layman’s term. The Agency contract with the egg donor should be written in a way that legal representation would not be necessary. However, the Egg Donor should always be given the option to retain legal counsel to review this agreement. If the Egg Donor chooses to exercise this option, this would be at the Egg Donor’s expense.

The agreement should be initialed and signed by the Egg Donor. A copy of the Egg Donor’s Identification and Social Security card should be taken with the agreement. If the Egg Donor is married or has a domestic partner he/she will also be responsible to sign off on the agreement.


Egg Donor and Agency Agreements recommendations index:

  • Agency responsibility to the Egg Donor
  • Egg Donor’s expectations of the Agency
  • Disclosure of Egg Donor’s information
  • Possible financial, psychological and physical risks
  • Donor Compensation
  • Verifying information
  • Possibility of background check
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Delayed Cycle Policy
  • Egg Donor’s bill of rights
  • Agency exclusivity
  • Egg Donor Benefit Package
  • Egg Donor Insurance
  • Tax Liability
  • Responsibility of Husband/ Sexual Partner
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