Egg Donor Agencies work with very diverse groups of egg donors who have widely varying personality types as well as current situations in their lives. It is the agency’s responsibility to ask specific questions to determine the emotional maturity, readiness and/or current life circumstances that would allow for the donation to move forward to the best of their ability. This is to work in conjunction with the psychological evaluation of the egg donor.


Lifestyle Questions To Determine Suitability

An Egg Donation Agency should ask a series of questions to each egg donor to determine her suitability to move forward with the process. These questions should include the following considerations to access her readiness to move forward:

Does the donor have a social support system that includes at least one close friend, family member or significant other that she has confided in about her choice to donate her eggs. If there is an unforeseen complication has she considered what she would tell those closest to her?

Will the donor be able to take off work, school, travel or family obligations to be able to commit to the cycle. Does she risk losing her job or failing a class to be an egg donor? Does she further understand that her recovery could be longer if she has complications from the retrieval process (such as hyperstimulation, pain or discomfort)?

Does the donor understand that there will be another family(ies) who will have her genetic material? Has she considered how she will feel about this now? In the future? If she chooses not to or cannot have her own children some day?

Will the donor be willing to meet the family who chooses her? What about the child(ren) that result from the donation?

Does the donor understand that she will be taking daily injections, making multiple appointments, and have a semi-invasive retrieval/surgery at the end? Does she feel confident she can give herself injections? Does she feel confident that she can give blood several times? Does she know that she will have several vaginal ultrasounds? Does she understand one missed injection or appointment is breech of contract and she would not be paid her fee if the cycle is compromised?

Emotional or Lifestyle Disqualifiers:

1.) Donor’s significant other and/or family member is not supportive of her choice to donate.

2.) Donor has an inflexible work and/or school schedule that would cause her to fail a class or lose her job if she took time off.

3.) Donor has phobia of needles.

4.) Donor does not feel comfortable having a genetic child in the world.

5.) Donor would regret donation if she does not have her own children.

6.) Donor does not feel she could emotionally handle hormonal changes.

    Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy

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