We work together with our members and peers to help define the highest ethical standards in the ART industry.

The Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) is a nonprofit group created for all U.S. agencies to have a voice in defining a set of ethical standards for egg donation and surrogacy programs. We are working to self regulate and offer the best ethical standards for all parties including our clients, clinics, donors, surrogates and others in our industry.


SEEDS is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of egg donation and surrogacy agencies, whose purpose is to define and promote ethical behavior by all parties involved in third party reproduction. SEEDS, which stands for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy, carries out its mission by working with ART professionals to create a unified voice and develop and issue ethical standards for the various aspects of third party reproduction. We have currently developed several standards, and many more are planned. Our goal is to reach a wide audience of agencies and ART professionals and hear their opinions and input about industry standards. Ideally we will come to industry-wide agreement on the standards.




Adam Winder, MBA, is the President of SeedTrust, Orchid Software Solutions, and SeedCoach.  Adam is passionate about giving back and is grateful to have the opportunity to help people build their families. Before joining the ART industry, Adam's experience includes ten years in financial services as a banker and leading strategy for a large division of a major bank. He currently also serves on the board and as the CFO of Making the Grade – Hope for African Youth.


Sunday Crider, PhD, HCLD/ELD (ABB)is the owner of The Surrogacy Consultant, a surrogacy and consulting firm. As a former embryologist and lab director of several IVF labs, as well as the founder of a nonprofit that addresses rural food insecurity, Sunday's experience brings a knowledge of the infertility industry with a love of helping people.


Judith Hoechst, Esq. founded the Law Office of Judith A. Hoechst, LLC-Assisted Reproduction andFamily Formation Law in 2010. A pediatric ICU nurse, neonatal ICU nurse and pediatric oncology nurse prior to and while attending law school, Judith experienced the heartbreak of recurrent pregnancy loss. With third party assistance and reproductive technology she and her husband experienced the joy of having a family. A former medical negligence attorney,Judith's passion is to assist those needing legal assistance in third party reproduction matters, planning and producing ART legal education, and involvement in legislative efforts in the area of third party reproduction.


Ellie Javadi received both her J.D. and Bachelors of Science from UCLA. Upon graduating law school, Ellie litigated at a complex, multi-party plaintiffs firm in Los Angeles for over five years prior to starting her own practice. After going through years of IVF to eventually have her first child, Ellie developed a deep passion for helping people achieve their dreams of becoming parents. She eventually left the corporate world and opened her own practice dedicated to Assisted Reproductive Law in 2009.Today, she provides legal support to Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Donors. Ellie is the co-chair of the Legal Ethics Committee of SEEDS, as well as a Fellow of the Academy of California AdoptionAttorneys/Academy of California family Formation Lawyers (“ACAL/ACFFL”), and ASRM.


Sam Hyde, MBA, is the President of Circle Surrogacy &Egg Donation. Having experienced fertility challenges when starting his own family, Sam understands firsthand the importance of support and help to fulfill dreams of parenthood. Sam and his wife are now blessed with two beautiful daughters and a son with the help of IVF. Prior to joining Circle, Sam spent ten years advising and building a variety of businesses.


Lisa Stark Hughes is the president of GSMoms. She has 6 children and two grandchildren. Lisa has been a surrogate twice, carrying twins first and then carrying a singleton.  

Lisa has worked on several non-profits and co-ops during their creation or in the early stages, including CSWS Waldorf School, The Placerville Natural Foods Co-Op, the EDC inter-religious emergency preparedness Council. Lisa’s parents cared for medically fragile foster children for over thirty years giving her a unique perspective on the foster system, legal structure, medicine, and healthcare



Lisa Chiya is one of the original SEEDS founding members and also the President and founder of The Genesis Group, an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency. Lisa obtained her bachelor’s degree from UCLA. She has over 15 years of third-party reproductive management experience. After struggling to conceive for many years, she is now the proud parent to three beautiful children via IVF and surrogacy. She believes that it is her duty to give back to the community that has blessed her with 3 little miracles. Lisa also serves as a mentor and a board member of Ambition, which is a non-profit school-based entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youths.


Wendie Wilson-Miller is one of the original SEEDS founding members and also the President of Gifted Journeys, an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency.

Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy

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