How to Choose My Family-Building Team

As an organization, we understand, through our professional and personal experiences, the complexity of building your family through egg donation and surrogacy.

Through these experiences, we strive to meet or exceed the highest ethical standards in order to maintain these avenues as viable options for all intended parents.


Members of SEEDS

Member of SEEDS

When you choose professionals who are members of SEEDS, you can feel confident that we have the best interests of you, your surrogate or donor, as well as your future children in mind at all times. Our members agree to the standards that have been set forth by our organization and have access to:

  • Continuing education courses
  • Webinars on big topics within the industry
  • Networking opportunities to build professional relationships
  • Mentorship program between veteran and new members
  • A community built on synergy and diversity that affects future practices
  • Accountability among members to meet or exceed best practices