How to Submit a Grievance

Membership in The Society for Ethics in Egg Donation & Surrogacy (SEEDS) is voluntary. Our mission is to work together with our members and peers to help define the highest ethical standards in the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry. While attorneys and medical professionals are licensed and regulated by individual states, only New York State regulates egg donation and surrogacy programs. It is the goal of SEEDS that all of its members will meet or exceed the Ethical Standards it has established.

To that end, the SEEDS Grievance Committee was established to provide a pathway for those in the industry, both professionals and consumers, to voice concerns or register complaints regarding alleged violations of SEEDS Ethical Standards. The Committee cannot offer legal advice, nor can we help someone file a grievance. It also is important to remember that the SEEDS Ethical Standards are not enforceable rules. It is the goal of the Committee to assist the parties in reaching a resolution to a legitimate problem or creating understanding where there was misunderstanding.

  • The grievance is against a current SEEDS member or potential SEEDS member;
  • The grievance seeks assistance from the SEEDS Grievance Committee regarding an alleged violation of a SEEDS Ethical Standard;
  • The grievance includes the complainant’s name and email OR postal address, and if applicable, business name;
  • The grievance includes the business’s name and primary contact person, and provides sufficient information to determine the business’s location;
  • The grievance is from a person (or a person’s authorized representative) or entity (business-to-business) that had a marketplace “relationship” with a current SEEDS member or potential SEEDS member. *DO NOT SUBMIT ON BEHALF OF ANOTHER WITHOUT THEIR WRITTEN CONSENT.*
  • The grievance must have arisen within the previous 12 months;
  • The grievance alleges a problem experienced with the services that the business provided or allegedly agreed to provide;
  • The grievance is not currently in pre-litigation (including but not limited to voluntary meditation, arbitration or other settlement negotiation) or litigation when filed with the SEEDS Grievance Committee and/or has not been resolved by a previous court action, mediation, arbitration, or settlement between the parties; and
  • The grievance contains no abusive language.

The SEEDS Grievance Committee does not handle grievances that involve:

  • Issues occurring more than 12 months ago
  • Employee-employer disputes
  • Disputes between Intended Parents and Donors or Surrogate
  • Discrimination claims
  • Civil Rights claims
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases
  • Claims already tried in a court of law
  • Cases that are already in pre-litigation or litigation
  • Business-to-business grievances for collection purposes
  • Companies that are out of business
  • Issues based solely on dissatisfaction with a company’s price
  • “Buyer’s” remorse

To file, please use the link on this website to open up the grievance form. Click on the “SUBMIT A GRIEVANCE” button below to proceed.

  1. Your grievance cannot be changed, edited or deleted once it has been submitted.
  2. An exact copy of your grievance will be sent to the business you are filing the complaint against.
  3. By submitting your grievance, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the business.
  4. To ensure confidentiality is preserved, please do not submit any information on behalf of another without their express, written consent.
  5. If the business is not a current member the Grievance Committee will attempt to best assist you in identifying avenues for redress and will maintain the information submitted should the business apply for membership in the future.