Statement by SEEDS on Recent Escrow Company Allegations

Society for Ethics in Surrogacy and Egg Donation (SEEDS) Leadership Team

SEEDS has been informed of serious allegations involving an escrow company that is a member of our organization. We have taken immediate action by suspending their membership, pending the outcome of the investigation and any related proceedings.

As a self-regulating ethics organization, SEEDS emphasizes the importance of filing reports with the proper authorities if you believe a company or individual’s actions are compromising the safety of any party to a surrogacy or egg donation journey.  We encourage those who have been affected by the unfolding escrow situation to file a formal grievance with SEEDS at the following link: .  If a violation of SEEDS standards or bylaws is identified in this particular matter, consequences may include permanent removal from SEEDS membership.

SEEDS remains steadfastly committed to promoting ethical standards and behavior by all parties involved in third-party reproduction, especially for our members. As this situation unfolds, we offer our heartfelt concern and support to those affected.