RESOLVE Federal Advocacy Day, hosted in partnership with ASRM

Ryan Ferrante & Lisa Rosenthal Co-Chairs, Volunteer Committee

On April 25, 2023, many set aside the day to participate in advocacy for the infertility community. Every year, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association partners with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine on Advocacy Day to bring the conversation of lowering the barriers of access to care to the United States Congress. For the benefit of anyone suffering from infertility and those that will in the future, advocates from all fifty states and Washington, D.C. engage with members of Congress to explain the need for increased access to family building options.

This year, for the fourth year in a row, Advocacy Day was virtual. You could participate from your home or office. And for the first time, it was held during National Infertility Awareness Week.

Advocacy Day is not just for those who need access to care. Advocacy Day is for anyone who has battled infertility. Advocacy Day is for those battling infertility right now. Advocacy Day is for the patients who are wondering how they are going to afford treatment for the disease of infertility. Advocacy Day is for medical professionals, agency professionals, mental health professionals, and legal professionals. Advocacy Day is for anyone who supports the infertility community. Advocacy Day is for all of the people who have ever asked “What more can I do to help?” Advocacy Day is for anyone who wants to stand side by side with and in support of these incredibly courageous advocates sharing their story of how infertility has impacted their lives. Advocacy Day is for everyone reading this.

Some are called to advocacy so that they might amplify the voices of those who are currently exhausting their resources trying have a family right now, so those patients might continue to focus on those efforts. Some feel an overwhelming responsibility to advocate on behalf of their families and all of those who will, but shouldn’t have to, face enormous challenges on their path to parenthood. These advocates take part because they want to lessen the burden on individuals and couples who want to have a family. Sharing their own story of the struggle to start a family may be the one appeal that changes the conversation in the long term with lawmakers and their staffs who have the power to implement change.

These advocates know that sharing hundreds of stories of the struggle to battle unforgiving infertility will create everlasting change. To that end, I have always viewed advocacy as an endurance test. This Advocacy Day, we may not see the immediate relief that we seek in the form of increased access to care for the one in eight couples suffering from infertility. But, without a doubt, this year’s efforts will move the conversation forward. The change we need will turn on the collective voices of this relentless advocacy by those staring down infertility or those who have held the hand of someone experiencing the loneliness and devastating financial impact of trying to have a family.

Please stay tuned for information on RESOLVE Federal Advocacy Day 2024 and have your voice be heard!